Strategic Plan Document FINAL 12 07 2016

                I am proud to submit the Strategic Plan for City of Gulfport Police Department: 2017 through 2022. It is a product that was constructed through tireless efforts by the women and men of the Gulfport Police Department. Our plan is the result of analyses conducted by our personnel along with input from our employees, our peers in local criminal justice and most importantly our citizens.

The City of Gulfport has continued growth since Hurricane Katrina.  We anticipate businesses to increase in number and capacity.  We also feel that this will affect our residential population.  As such, growth will cause increases in demands on public safety.  Additionally, the business corridor located in proximately to Interstate 10 and Highway 49 is experiencing growth.  While no specific plans are known for the growth of the city, it is evident by the contemporary efforts that growth can be expected.

Our mission statement is, “We will be a progressive, sustained, and superior law enforcement agency that leads Gulfport to be a premier city.” We are an agency that has a long history or progression in our field; this must continue.  To ensure this we should understand our strengths and weaknesses while anticipating opportunities and threats.  We must always continue to analyze our environment and efforts to ensure that we make the most of the available resources to provide for the citizens of Gulfport.  The Gulfport Police Department has a long standing reputation of professionalism in our community and region.  It is our goal that we provide a plan that will continue this legacy for the years to come.

Leonard J. Papania

Chief of Police